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Students learning English as a second language can benefit from our free grammar lessons, which offer clear explanations of common English grammar rules alongside exercises designed to reinforce the rules the student has learned.
Depending on your experience level, we have three different categories of free lessons: elementary, intermediate and advanced.
Choose your level and begin studying. Many of the grammar points have audio files so you can listen along too!


For those who have just started out on their English-speaking adventure, here you’ll find a number of basic free grammar lessons to help you establish a base in the language.
Simply choose a sub category and start learning!

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Step up a level with our free intermediate English grammar lessons, including tenses, adverbs and adjectives and nouns and pronouns.
Just click a sub-category and begin studying!

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Ready to take on the more demanding grammar rules of the English language?
Click into the sub-category and find out about perfect, passive and future forms.

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You’ll find fundamental grammar points, suitable for all levels, here.

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Kids Stuff

Teach your children the rudiments of the alphabet with our children’s lessons.

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Idioms and vocabulary

A collection of English idioms and vocabulary.

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Past Perfect Continuous - Rules and exercises for intermediate level

Past Perfect Continuous - Rules and exercises for intermediate level

An overview of the present perfect simple tense explains what rules you need to follow when using this tense, with Read More


This phrase is an energetic invitation to do something! If someone says it to you, you can't say no! Here Read More

The Letter 'V'

Print out and colour in the twenty-second letter of the English alphabet, the letter 'V' with our free materials for Read More
Elementary - Indefinite Determiners: Some and Any

Elementary - Indefinite Determiners: Some and Any

English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of indefinite determiners 'some' and 'any' with audio and printable Read More
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