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HOLD YOUR HORSES! It is what you say when someone is moving too quickly or thoughtlessly. It means "wait a moment or be patient".

e.g.: this expression is a Latin abbreviation for exempli gratia and means “for example.”

Learn how to use going to, the present continuous, and the present simple with these English grammar exercises for intermediate students.

Monday, 23 July 2018 19:22

World Cup 2018 - The Real Winners

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World cup 2018:  France wins the FIFA World Cup Trophy but who are the real winners of this year's dramatic competition? Discover the truth in our pre-intermediate reading comprehension exercise with questions and answers.

In English there are several ways to show that you are talking about something that is going to happen when you are speaking or writing. In this on-line lesson for intermediate level students we focus on ‘will’. ‘

BLUE IN THE FACE! In English "blue in the face" means being tired and weak after many wasted efforts.

TRIP, TRAVEL, JOURNEY, VOYAGE… many words to define the action of going from one place to another.

3 'must do' visitor attractions you need to see before leaving  the UK. Complete our upper intermediate reading comprehension exercise with questions and answers and get informed.

An overview of the rules relating to wishes and related forms with practical exercises. This online English grammar lesson is for intermediate level students.

SPILL THE BEANS! means revealing a secret.

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