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Elementary - Determiners: this/that/these/those

Monday, 01 June 2009
I like these shoes I like these shoes City image created by Javi_indy - Freepik.com

English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of the adjectives this/that, these/ those with audio explanation and printable exercises.

singular plural
this that
these those

We use the determiner 'this' (pl. 'these') when we speak about people, things or events that are present at the moment or near in time.

  • This book is a best seller.
  • Is this your car?
  • Early this morning.
  • These postcards are from Holland.
  • I like these shoes.

We use the determiner 'that' (pl. 'those') when we speak about people, things or events that aren't near or present at the moment.

  • Do you want that pair of shoes?
  • That man is a doctor.
  • Those children are very polite.
  • Look at those clouds!
  • How much are those apples?


This, that, these, those English Power (C) 2010
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