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Nouns and pronouns

Nouns and pronouns

This intermediate review gives thorough detail on the use of nouns (words which are the object or subject of a verb, like 'cat' or 'chair') and pronouns (words which are used in place of nouns to describe participants, such as 'he' and 'I').

Learn all about reflexive pronouns (including myself, yourself and themselves) and how to use them with these easy grammar rules for intermediate learners.

This is an English grammar lesson online for intermediate level students. Learn how to use indefinite pronouns such as 'much', 'many', 'little' and 'few', which often take the place of nouns in sentences.

E.g. "Don't you think you have drunk too much?"

This intermediate level English grammar lesson will give students an overview of the rules about countable and uncountable nouns, when and how to use both, and useful exercises to help understand them.

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