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Exercise 1 - First Conditional

Monday, 26 April 2010
Example: If you want to catch the plane… Example: If you want to catch the plane… Designed by Freepik

English grammar exercise on-line for elementary level students - the first conditional - Match a phrase on the left with a phrase on the right to make a complete sentence.

1) If we sell the business

2) We will be very pleased with you

3) If she doesn't come

4) You will be late

5) If I find your wallet

6) If you need some money for the bus

7) If we take the bus

8) We won't find a parking space

9) If you want to catch the plane

10 I'll be furious

a) if you pass your exams.

b) if you break the window.

c) if you miss the train.

d) if we take the car.

e) I will lend you some.

f) the journey will be slow.

g) I'll give it back to you.

h) I won't invite her again.

i) we'll make a lot of money.

j) I'll give you a lift to the airport.

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