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Second conditional- exercise 1

Friday, 08 January 2016

Please fill the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets:

1. If I _________________ (be) you, I _________________ (get) a new car.

2. If he _________________ (be) younger, he _________________ (sleep) less.

3. If we _________________ (not / be) sisters, I _________________ (not / talk) to you ever again.

4. If I _________________ (have) enough money, I _________________ (build) huge mansion.

5. If they _________________ (not / be) always so messy, the house _________________(be) clean all the time.

6. If England _________________ (win) the World Cup, I _________________ (jump) for joy.

7. If you _________________ (get) a pay rise, we _________________ (go) to the Bahamas.

8. If I _________________ (learn) Arabic, I _________________(find) work as a translator.

9. If we _________________ (live) in Spain, I _________________ (not / need) central heating.

10. If she _________________ (work) harder, she _________________ (not / have) a bad job.


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