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Barbara Wadsworth

Hi, I’m Barbara. I am passionate for the English language and I have been so since I was little. I love this language so much I even graduated in English language and literature. After working as an editorial assistant for an international publisher for a few years, I decided I wanted to go back to my passion and today I am content manager for weloveTeachingEnglish. It couldn’t have been any different!

Website URL: http://www.englishpower.eu

James Wadsworth

Hi, I’m James Wadsworth,

I’m a graduate of Oxford University, where I studied Chemistry. I developed my passion for teaching and people when I moved to Italy to study Italian. I’m unfortunately no longer teaching as I had to commit to other areas of our business. My other main interest is technology, in particular the Internet. If used in the right way the Internet is the most empowering tool of our times. It is my vision for people to improve their work lives through the use of technology. For this reason I wanted to create a site where students of English can find English teachers, and give English teachers more power to decide when, where and to whom they teach.

The result of this idea is weloveTeachingEnglish. Please have a look around we hope you find it useful.

Website URL: http://www.weloveteachingenglish.com

Elena Salas Ramírez

Hi! My name is Elena and I am a Spanish teacher, a translator and a proud collaborator of weloveTeachingEnglish. I'm based in the UK and I help upload and publish both the grammar points and graded readers. I ensure the Spanish side of the website is always updated so that, no matter what your level of English is, you will always be welcomed and guided through the contents in your mothertongue.

Website URL: http://www.esrtranslation.co.uk/

Helen Burlefinger

Hello - My name is Helen Burlefinger and I am passionate about teaching English! As a languages graduate myself, I understand the complexities of learning a new language and I'm always ready to give support.  I also love preparing resources to help you improve your English skills and you'll see my name against a number of the graded readers on this website.  I'm a fully-qualified CELTA teacher with long experience of teaching English to both adults and children.  I also have background in the business world, so am well-placed to advise on the use of English in the workplace.  However, above all, I believe that lessons should be fun and full of humour - it's the best way to get the message across.

Elisa Gamba

Hi, I’m Elisa.

I have loved to write since I was a child when I used to inundate my penfriends with letters whenever I could. I cultivated this interest by working as a journalist and studying for a Degree in Communications at the University of Turin. I worked 10 years for a communications agency in Turin on projects for well-established national and international companies. Today I have chosen a new exciting challenge: as Communications Manager for weloveTeachingEnglish I am proud to be making my contribution to growing an idea, a project, a start-up with huge potential, a project that’s just taking its first steps on the market.