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Graded Reading – Intermediate – June 2015

Thursday, 04 June 2015
Graded Reading – Intermediate – June 2015 “Creative Commons Ladies at Ascot” by Charles Roffey is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot is part of the English social calendar. Ascot is a racecourse just six miles from Windsor Castle and each year is attended by members of the royal family for a week of horse racing in June, known as Royal Ascot. Ladies Day is always on the Thursday of Royal Ascot Week. It is also the day when the Gold Cup race is run.

Each day of Royal Ascot, a carriage procession containing members of the royal family travels from Windsor Castle to the Royal Enclosure. You have to have a special ticket in order to enter the Royal Enclosure. There is a strict dress code that applies all week, but on Ladies Day a custom has developed for women to dress in specially elegant and fashionable clothing. It is a day for showing off and looking good. Photographs appear in national newspapers showing well known people and eye catching designs of hats and dresses.

All women wear hats on Ladies Day. These can be very stylish and glamorous with lots of flowers, netting and bows. Many women choose hats that match their dresses. No one is allowed to wear sheer or short dresses. All dresses have to be at least knee length. Shoulders have to be covered and no thin straps are allowed.

During Ladies Day, people place bets on horses. If the horse wins or is placed first, second or third in a race, then the person who has bet on that horse wins some money. The amount of money depends on how much they placed as a bet. People relax and enjoy a pleasant day out at the races.

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot - Comprehension Questions

1. Ladies Day is on Thursday of Royal Ascot.



2. What length of dress must ladies wear?


Knee length

Ankle length

3. How far is Ascot from Windsor Castle?

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