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What has the bunny rabbit got to do with Easter?

Monday, 20 February 2017
What has the bunny rabbit got to do with Easter? What has the bunny rabbit got to do with Easter? This image by mike in pexels.com is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license

Have you ever wondered why bunny rabbits are associated with Easter? Read this graded reader at a pre-intermediate level to find out.

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Reading comprehension - Pre-intermediate Level

As there is no mention of fluffy bunny rabbits in the biblical tale of Jesus Christ's resurrection, and the animals do not lay chocolate eggs, people often wonder how rabbits and Easter became so closely linked.

The answer comes from traditions that began during the Lutheran period in Germany. Studies have found that the first recorded mention of the Easter Bunny was made during the 13th century and legend has grown since.

Much like Santa Claus at Christmas, the rabbit visits children during the Easter holidays and leaves gifts, including toys and eggs, in their baskets.

The association with eggs and Easter stems from spring being seen as a time of rebirth. Eggs represent fertility, and the rabbit has been added on to that.

The first published story about a rabbit collecting eggs and hiding them in people's gardens dates from around 1680.

Despite the history of the Easter Bunny being from Germany, the modern interpretation of the fluffy rabbit largely comes from the United States. During the early 18th century, many Germans emigrated across the Atlantic Ocean to start new lives and many of their traditions were taken with them.

Over time, the story of the rabbit spread from German communities to other parts of the US and eventually the idea was seized upon by companies, such as chocolate makers, as a way of selling their goods to children.

What has the bunny rabbit got to do with Easter? - Comprehension questions

1. In which country did the tradition of the Easter Bunny begin?

2. What gifts does the bunny supposed bring to children?

3. Why are eggs linked with spring?

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