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Elementary - Future

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Monday, 08 June 2009
An explanation of different ways to express future with printable exercises Business image created by Creativeart - Freepik.com

English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of different ways to express future with printable exercises.


Will spontaneous intentions/ requests made at the moment of speaking
Going to plans/intentions made before the moment of speaking
Present Continuous fixed appointments/ plans
Present Simple timetables/ usual appointments


  • I'll give you my phone number.
  • She will carry your suitcase.
  • Will you come at the party?
  • We'll buy some hot dogs for dinner.

Going to

  • I'm going to stay at home this evening.
  • How long are they going to stay in Amsterdam?
  • I'm going to make a cake for dinner.
  • When are you going to arrive?

Present Continuous

  • She's meeting Mr. Mason next Friday.
  • What are they doing this evening?
  • I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow.
  • He's visiting an important client next week.

Present Simple

  • The number 37 bus arrives at ten o'clock.
  • The film starts at half past two.
  • We usually have breakfast at eight thirty.
  • The train departs at twenty to three.
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