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Speak the local lingo - how to win friends and influence people!*

Friday, 16 December 2016
Speak the local lingo - how to win friends and influence people! Speak the local lingo - how to win friends and influence people! This image by unsplash.com is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license

Love a language and boost your popularity. Find out more with this graded reading at an intermediate level.

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Reading comprehension - Intermediate level

Imagine you are travelling to your favourite foreign destination.  What will you see? Who will you meet?  It should be an exciting time but what will you miss if you can't speak the local language? In a recent survey, 97% of those asked said that knowing another language makes travelling to another country easier.  It instantly increases your popularity and helps you to make friends by joining in conversations. Local people are naturally proud of their language, so showing you have at least a basic knowledge of it will demonstrate your interest in their culture. You can also order the correct food, find out the most interesting events and even get a job!  98% of people surveyed thought that learning a second language would help their career. 

In addition, you can save money by making sure you know the number system and checking the cost of shopping, hotels or restaurant bills.  A few simple sentences can help you solve a problem politely, avoid difficult situations or say sorry if something goes wrong.
Staying safe is also much easier if you can read any warning signs around you or understand helpful advice.  Not everything can be achieved with a picture or hand signs!

Entering education in your chosen country can also become a real possibility when you have studied the local language.  Each year the number of international students increases by 12%.  In 1975 there were just 800,000 international students but this figure rose to 3,500,000 by 2009 - and it is still growing.  Could you be one of next year's learners and study a whole new culture?

Remember, with an extra language you have more chance to influence those around you and a greater ability to get things done.  Why not be a real traveller instead of just someone passing through?

* 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' is the title of a famous self-help text book by a well-respected expert called Dale Carnegie in 1936 but still referred to today!

Speak the local lingo – Comprehension questions

1.  What percentage of people think that learning another language makes going to another country simpler?

2.  What percentage of people think that taking up a second language will improve their chance of finding work?

3.  In what two ways can you remain safe by knowing the local language?

4.  According to the article, is the number of international students increasing or decreasing?  By what percentage?

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